Previous Dancers at the Straw Bear Festival

Molly and Morris dancers flood the scene of the straw bear festival every year. The costumes, both the black face painting and the clothes worn were all forms of disguise from the primitive days. The following dance groups have at one time or the other featured in the straw bear festival.

Peterborough Morris

Peterborough Morris was formed in October 1979 and they believe that were the first Morris club in the Peterborough area. The group started with 12 dancers and made their first public performances on May 3rd 1980. They mostly perform the cotswold morris, a traditional dance style of people from around south Midlands of England, in which they dance with sticks and hankies.

Clausentum Morris

Clausentum Morris was formed in late 2014 and are currently based in Southampton. They have members from across the South of England as they are a mixed dance side and anyone can join. They perform the cotswold morris dance.

Old Glory

Old Glory was formed in 1994 and they are recreating the tradition of Molly dancing in East Suffolk. The men in the group are the dancers, whilst the women are the musicians. They have constructed their own dances and developed distinctive styles, based on the knowledge they have of the Edwardian time.

Manor Mill Morris

The Manor Mill Morris are known for their North West clog dancing and was formed in Cambridge around 35 years ago. It is a group of women’s side who dance in the NW Clog Morris style. They dress up in traditional Lancashire clogs and normally features a drum, an accordion and a tambourine.

Rattlejag Morris

Rattlejag Morris is another mixed dance side formed in January 2002. They are aiming to revive and develop a dance tradition that was based in their locality. They make use of a variety of rattles and shakers to create their own distinctive sound. These features make their style a little different from other Morris dancing style.