The Performers at the Love Folk Festival, 2018

Jim Moray is from Macclesfield and was raised in Staffordshire. He has a strong folk background as his father was a morris dancer who met his mom at a folk club. So he was exposed to English traditional music from home.

As the headliner at the Love Folk festival 2018, Jim Moray is among the few that are trying to keep folk alive in our world. He is taking on the British folk music radically. Many are seeing his music as an innovative and exciting development of the British folk music. During his four-year classical music course at Birmingham Conservatoire, he started attempting radical rearrangement of traditional songs using a computer. This way, he ended up producing his 2001 EP, “I Am Jim Moray”. He again funded the production of “Sweet England” from his student grant which he submitted as part of his degree in 2003. The following year, Sweet England won the BBC Folk Awards while he won the Horizon Award for best new act. Jim Moray plays drums, keyboards, guitars and most of the instruments for his albums.


Lindisfarne is an English band and was among the most popular rock bands in England in the early 70s. They were once known as Brethren and all hailed from around Newcastle-on-Tyne, England. The members include:

  • Alan Hull – Singer/guitarist
  • Simon Cowe – Guitarist
  • Ray Jackson – Mandolin player
  • Rod Clements – Bassist/violinist
  • Ray Laidlaw – Drummer

Alan Hull who already had a folk music background, incorporated that influence into the group. He was a singer in the band, but also the major songwriter which was why he was referred to as the most important songwriter at the time.

“Nicely Out of Tune” was their first album and was released in 1970 after they were signed by Tony Stratton-Smith, Charisma Records. The album describes the group’s best form of music. Mixing folk-like melodies, harmonies, and acoustic to give a rollicking tune.