Folk Festival Sponsors

In the UK, attending folk festivals is among the most exciting things most people do according to the study. Folk festivals in the UK are numerous and are internationally famous. Ticket revenues are not enough to organise a festival, which is why sponsors are very important. The population attending festivals each year goes beyond millions for some of the festivals, so this is a good way for sponsors to get their products across. As a result, there isn’t a line of business that won’t be willing to support if they are approached. Even fashion and pop culture are having a big influence on festivals, so just any brand can fit in.

You will always hear some big names like Carlsberg and Somersby as the official sponsors of festivals in the UK. Brewers like Carlin have even become one of the biggest investors in live music in the UK. Nowadays, casinos also fit naturally as Folk Festival Sponsors, along with many other companies that are only looking for the best festivals to promote their products. There are even online casinos that have started to sponsor events and promote messages such as choose to play online blackjack for free or their sign up promos. Even the latest technologies are also featured in festivals. Mobile phone brands are beginning to turn to live music.

Some of the brands that sponsor festivals

  • Drink brands such as; Heineken, Moët & Chandon and 7UP
  • Anheuser
  • Casinos
  • Busch
  • Fiat
  • Smirnoff

These brands have been connecting with audiences through festivals and adding values to them by promoting new talent. This has also helped enrich their content. Food and drinks companies are some of the most prominent in festivals and the festival is a perfect atmosphere for them to access the audience. They flow naturally with music events, however, casinos and other sectors can have the same effect if they find a way to lift the mood and lighten the environment. If they have something they can give back to the audience, then they will stand out.