Bradford Root Festival

The Bradford Roots Music Festival is an annual music festival held in the Wiltshire Music Centre, with performances from local artists. As a local festival that begun about 6 years, it is fast growing beyond borders and getting stronger. It came into existence to celebrate the diverse local music scene and the idea gave way to the very best in local musicians to come together and showcase their vibrant talents. The festival is for people who have a wide taste in music and always leaves visitors enjoying folk, jazz, folk, blues and rock. It never disappoints.

Weekend pass for the festival each year would cost around £20-£22 and £14 for under 18s. For under 12s, day passes are free if they come with an adult ticket-holder. They use the money raised from the festival to support local charities.

Past Bradford Roots Festivals

  • 2018: The atmosphere around the 2018 scene of the festival was covered with rock, indie, classics and jazz presented by over 50 brilliant performers. Most of them were locals and almost half of them were playing at the festival for the first time. It took place on the 20th and 21st of January and was another weekend of songs, dance, and crafts for the people of Bradford on Avon. There was a workshop session and Marius Frank led a blues singing workshop. He also taught the participants the history and evolution of the blues genre. The saturdays lineup was headlined by one of Bristol based singer and songwriter Sam Brookes. Verdisa, a Jimi Hendrix inspired band were also there to perform. Box Steam Brewery supplied locally brewed beer to the function and Hartley’s Farm Shop and Kitchen provided the audiences with food.
  • 2017: The festival took place on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th January and it was the fifth Bradford Roots Festival.