Welcome to southseafolkfestival

There is always a festival going on, all year round in the Uk. It is almost like every community, big and small are starting new festivals every year. This is why we have made this site, so that you will familiarise yourself with the names of these festivals especially the new ones, in case you find yourself anywhere close. In January, you could be attending the Straw Bear Festival. First you need read up on what happens at the straw bear festival and its founder. It is fascinating how this man built and is still building this internationally recognised festival.

In February, you could also be attending yet another festival, and you may be lucky to watch one of the wonderful artists or dance groups that have been noted here. There is always an opportunity in the UK for you to display your talent if you are an upcoming artists. These festivals are actually made for you. Read up to know the names of these festivals and pick which one will be more convenient for you to showcase your talent. Everything you need to know, is all written here so that you will go there prepared.

If you miss the ones in January and February, there is always more lined up, as Folk Festival in Great Britain makes an endless list. This is also why there are thousands of sponsors. Drink and food brands, as well as casinos are sponsoring these festivals. You can read up all the details of that and more here in this site.